MQTT : subscribe to multiple topics and multiple users from nodeRED

Hi there.
It might sound stupid but is it not possible to have different flows in nodeRED subscribe to different topics using using different credentials.
Example: I have one application named harrysatt-loris-base and one harrysatt-temp-app. Sure I connect to mqtt with different usernames hence harrysatt-loris-base@ttn and harrysatt-temp-app@ttn with also different passwords. So if I try to subscribe to both it does not work. The mqtt-broker accepts only one of those.
Is it possible what I am trying to do or is it only stupid?
Regards, Harald

You can most definitely have multiple mqtt clients with different credentials and topics in node-red. There is a limit to prevent a single user monopolizing the servers but you shouldn’t hit that with two or three client connections.

That is what I was sure but how? Is there a help text for this or an example? Every change I do is replicated in all instances.
Thanks for help
Regards, Harald

Create a new connection for each separate client connection.

That is what I would like to do. But failed. Is there a document showing how. Something I misunderstand.
Regards, Harald

In the properties for the server select “add new mqtt broker” and hit the pencil icon next to it.

If that doesn’t work you could try the nodered forum of google…

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Oh. Thanks. Now it works. I apologize but did not realize this.
Regards, Harald

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