MQTT test client

I am following the tutorial (Messages | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN) to do MQTT test client, but this tutorial is in Oct. 2020. AWS changes something. I try to get the data from ttn to was. See nothing. Would you please give me some advice?

I am not sure what is the topic name on AWS MQTT test client part and the lorawan/# in the tutorial. Does the lorawan is the topic name? or it is the ThingTypeName I write by creating the stack? I tried, but can’t get what I want.

how can I see the data from TTN v3.

What is your aim with AWS? Storage, processing or … with your data?

Tell us a bit more.

Johan, Thank you for your kind reply.
We want to upload data and show them on AWS. After integrating AWS and iot, I will build a dashboard on AWS. So we can see the real-time data(temperature, etc.) collected by sensors. And we also want to do some process, for example, when the temperature lower than 0 ℃, the dashboard would send out an alert.

The simplest way is to have a EC2 with node-red and then you can us RDS DB or Dynamo DB.

Then you just need to MQTT in Node-RED [HowTo] and then push the date to the DB and recall it from there and build a dashboard with node-red

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Thank you so much! I am newer with AWS and IoT, why don’t you recommend using Amazon QuickSight but recommend node-red?

You can still use Amazon QuickSight as the front end, I just find for the back end EC2 with node-red and RDS easy to manipulate (Decode ect) my data.


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Okay, thank you very much!!!

You can also use Grafana to display your data and send alerts via email, telegram etc.

It does not have the AI thought that QuickSight have.


It looks wonderful. That is what I really want. You helped me a lot! :smiley:

Hi, Johan
I have finished EC2 with node-red, store ttn data in DynamoDB, MQTT in node-red. Can you give me some instructions on how call data from DynamoDB to node-red?

Did you install Grafana?

no, I just use node-red.

I use actually RDS an d Grafana.

Look at this it might help you.

thank you, Johan
I solved the node-red problem, I will also keep your approach. A nice experience here.