MTAC-LORA-H with MTCDT-H5-210A gateways

We have a number of MTCDT-H5-210A gateways fitted with the original v1 LoRa cards which use USB interfacing, but would like to use LBS and this requires v1.5 SPI interfaced cards. Can these be used with MTCDT-H5-210A gateways? Struggled to find information on the Multitech website.

Have you contacted Multitech support directly and asked them? They are usually quite good and responsive. (Though if old there is a chance as a commercial operation that they may just try & up sell!) :wink:

:thinking: also I’m sure I saw a recent (last ~3mo?) post saying usb support added back to Semtech ref implementation again so may be worth looking at pulling a copy? (Forum search is your friend!)

When Basic Station was first released years ago I looked at the effort required to make it available for gatteways with the old (USB) interface cards and it looked feasible. However people I talked to didn’t seem interested (and TTN lacked support) so I didn’t follow up on it.
How many gateways do you have? If sufficient interest it might be something to look into once again. Keep in mind it would not be supported by MultiTech and won’t integrate with any web interface on the units.


I have four gateways with USB cards. It seems the new SPI cards should be compatible with these older gateways, so I think I’ll upgrade the hardware, as I seem to recall there are also other benefits with the new cards. In any case, the offer is much appreciated!