Multi Nodes Application using RAK4631 Core Board

Hello newbie here.

I hope this is the right forum for my question :slight_smile:

I’m currently trying and exploring the RAK4631 Core Module which is connected to the RAK5005-O Base Board. I wanted to have a Multi Nodes set up where in one of my RAK4631 modules will serve as the ‘Server Node’ which will receive and request data from different RAK4631 ‘End Nodes’. However, I can’t seem to find any related documentation or github repo for this set up. I found a github repo but it only has a point-to-point communication.

I am just positively hoping that maybe someone here already tried to do Multi Node set up using RAK4631 or any RAK Core modules that I could pattern or get an idea from.

I’ve been searching the net for almost 3 days now but I didn’t find any docu or codes about this.

Thank you in advance to anyone who could help me. :blush:

Have you asked on the RAK forum? They would be the ultimate experts!

There is nothing in the LoRaWAN spec that allows for a relay - so you’d need to do point-to-point communication which you appear to have discarded :man_shrugging:

P2P would be off topic for this forum as we only cover LoRaWAN on TTN.