Multi session communication with LoRa

I want to several nodes communicate with each others with the same SFs. What provisions should be considered?

In The Things Network, which is the subject of these forums, nodes do not (normally) communicate with each other.

What is the project ?

If you are considering some delay between nodes, you could send those communicates via the gateway and then GW will share across all network.

A better idea is to use class-B LoraWAN communication but TTN until now does not support it, you could try other solutions. If you need some technical assist send me priv. msg.

My mind is a network with a gateway and some nodes that are arranged as STAR topology.
I want to implement a Smart Home project.

I am already using a gateway.Due some reason i don’t want to use LoRaWAN.
I want to implement Smart Home project.Can you suggest me any solutions?

This forum is about TTN and LoRawan communication and your project is out of scope of this board.
Perhaps you can have a look at these free available ( Iran? I don’t know ) products that can do exactly what you want.