Multiboard (corecell sx1302/03) Basic Station Network Server Integration

we have our own LoRa GW based on LoRa Basic Station. Our GW provide up to two corecell sx1302/03 board. How can be integrated in TTN LoRa Network Server ? do the TTN Network Server already support LoRa Basic Station GW with two sx1302/03 board ?
Thanks in advance

Yes TTS does support multiple boards. If you set a second frequency plan (in the same band), while registering the gateway, LoRa Basics Station should take care of configuring the two concentrator boards.

How can i obtain a TTN LoRa Network Server account in order to test one multiboard LoRa Basic Station Gateway ?

You can get a free discovery account on The Things Stack Cloud. See Plans

Why credit card is required if plan is free ?

To make sure we don’t get spammed by bots creating infinite free accounts. The card is only charged if you choose to click the upgrade button to a paid plan.