MultiConnect® ConduitTM Access Point - lora packet forwarder does not start automatically in 4G

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Hi! I have a MultiConnect® ConduitTM Access Point with 4G SIM card. The pppd connection is up and running. To verify : ping, voilà!. It works!

Now the problem is that : lora-packet-forwarder is still not started on boot. I need to restart it manually every time I reboot the gateway. :frowning:

Your help will be much appreciated and beer will be provide while traveling in Berlin. :slight_smile:



@egourlao was facing similar issues, but might be able to guide you in the right direction. (He’s currently on holiday)

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Which packet forwarder are you using?

@kersing many thanks for quick response. I am not quite sure, I am using the default that comes with the gateway. Seems semtech pkt_fwd… btw the conduit is the AP model. @

For issues with the stock software it is better to check on the MultiTech forums (@ as there are more people there using the official software. We are mostly using TTN specific forwarders.

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