Multiple antennas on one Gateway

Dear TTN-fellows,

For my project, i’d like to cover a large area with one single gateway or eventually two. We have access to a tower with a height of around 40-50m. I was thinking of installing an antenna with a higher Gain of around 8dbi that, when sending, would violate the EU regulations. Thus, I will turn the sending off.

Another antenna with a gain of 2.15dbi should be placed a couple of meters below the higher one, let’s say 10-20m below. This antenna may transmit signals. This configuration probably requires two gateways.

What do you think about this approach, feasible or totally nonsense?

Thank you!


Any asymmetric setup is a bad idea as it will impact any node requiring OTAA or downlinks. It will also wreak havoc with ADR.
Not to mention the TTN back-end will not be able to handle it, it will assume both gateways are able to transmit and instruct the gateway with the best receiving conditions to send return packets.