Multiple devices trying to OTAA

(Fredericconan) #1

Hallo seniors and anyone help me please,
If I have several devices (example 100 devices) trying to use OTAA method.

  1. How often and how long does the activation take for each device, because it will takes time and consider about the efficiency and security part.
  2. Is physical access to device necessary (e.g press button)?
  3. Do all devices consider the security part use the same key?
  4. When does OTAA needs to be re-initialized?

Someone has idea?
Thank you very much


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best practices -
security -

activation is normally a matter of seconds and probably access neccessary to set the keys you received during registration of the device (depends on bluetooth/cable/wifi)
once the device joined the network otaa it can for example go to sleep for a month, and when waking up
transmits again without re joining, the session don’t expire.

for security reason it would possibly be better to rejoin otaa after xx transmissions