Multiple integrations and the Payload Decode function

Hi all,

core question: Is there some reading material on the way how the integration and Payload function work together?

The reason for this question
I have one device/node working yeah
I did use the default cayenne integration and it worked after a while yeah
(see also:Cayenne integration: Where is my payload? )

But then I thought… There is also an IFTT integration. Lets also use this. Because reuse of data is cool. And adding a second integration is also no issue in the backend.
Writing some Decode function to get transform the Cayenne data because IFTT needs payload form data.
So this done and it works :slight_smile:

But now Cayenne does not work anymore.
My guess is that Cayenne is not recieving the payload of the node anymore, and that the payload function result is send to both integrations.

Is there some documentation where I can double check this assumption?
And can read the rationale behind this, because how big is the change that different integrations want to recieve the same payload format or somehting…

Thanks anybody for helping in learning how the payload and integration complex is working :slight_smile:

Grtz Edzo

I have the same question.
Is there a way to send the data to Cayenne and MQTT…and Node Red at the same time

you can pull the data from Cayenne :roll_eyes:

I would like to revive this topic. I am trying to send data from a Adeunis Field test device to a Cayenne integration and also the TTN Mapper integration at the same time. It seems that only the Cayenne integration is getting the data.

Is there a one integration per app limit? If so the TTN Console lets you add as many as you want with no complaints.