Multiple WiFi net support on Pi based GW's

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I have several Pi based GW’s with others in build/planned based on RPi 2, RPi 3 & RPiZeroes. Both iMST & RAK concentrators, and either Jessie Lite or Stretch OS base builds

Several will move locations over time possibly being connected to same 3G/4G MiFi backhaul net at various pop-up/demo/test sites. where others will be hosted on different WiFi nets each time.

Question - is it possible to load multiple net SSID/PWD Combo’s at build time to allow such floating deployment or its one net only at a time for any given build/config. I know you can add 2 or more USB WiFi adapters to support dual nets but can 1 interface be used to fall back to different WiFi nets in the same way a laptop, phone or tablet will ‘remember’ the various WiFi nets they have been connected to. Have just realised have never tried/seen that with a Pi!

I could just ‘try’ it and move a unit around but figured quicker/easier(/lazier?) to ask Forumites experience/advice :slight_smile:


Adding multiple wireless network configurations

On recent versions of Raspbian, it is possible to set up multiple configurations for wireless networking. For example, you could set up one for home and one for school.

For example



If you have two networks in range, you can add the priority option to choose between them. The network in range, with the highest priority, will be the one that is connected.



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Brilliant, knew it was worth asking, thanks Rob

Had a tab open (one of many) with that page, in another browser, but just hadn’t gone to the bottom! Dho! :man_facepalming:

That is just what I need inc priority option. Plan is build with office WiFi as #1 for test/config the when in the field have a series of 3G Wifi/Mifi units as #2, phone as back up #3 and then edit live for any new host sites as I come across them :wink:

(Ud Lo Ra) #4

On a Single Gateway RPi I have such setup and it works flawlessly (home, office, iPhone hotspot…).
Check the explanation about how to encrypt the passwords for some extra security.