Multitech AEP issues



I currently have some issues with multiple Multitech Concuit AEP gateways connected over ethernet (both 868 and 915).
The gateways have been working fine for months on end, but are offline for the last 6 days.
No changes have been made to the network, or the gateway settings, and reconfiguring the gateways or connecting them to another active network does not resolve the issue.
Pinging the gateways results in a timeout.

Thanks in advance!


Hello Afstkla,

You wrote “Pinging the gateways results in a timeout.”
Is this ping from your workplace to the Gateway’s on your own local network?
I yes then you have a local network problem, and try to fix that.
Check double what your network setting’s ar, no double IP-address, right mask, and shore a double check for your local gateway setting.

Can you access the the Multietech web based gui? Then you can also do a ping test from the webgui to your local gateway and a public ipaddress for the test off your local connection.

Ping test is login to web gui > Administration > Debug Option > Ping