MultiTech Conduit AEP frequency

(S3488983) #1

Hi, im quite new to LoRa, I have setup a MutliTech Conduit AEP with TTN firmware and I am currently testing it using an Arduino UNO + DraginoShield. The node is sending packets at different frequencies from 915 to 928 MHz but when I check the traffic using TTN, the conduit does not pick up anything from 918 to 928. Also im in Australia, could someone help me out with what i must do. Otherwise the transmission is very reliable.

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(Paul Stewart) #2

A few questions to work out what is going on.

Did you use this Packet Forwarder ?

Does your sketch ensure it is using sub band 2, what TTN uses in AU915?


(S3488983) #3

Hi sorry the problem has been solved thanks for the reply!