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I was hoping someone could help me with the transfer from Legacy to v3. I am really struggling to claim the gateway. I have thought of removing it from v2, but read that you create more problems for yourself if you do that. What are the best ways of moving from Legacy to v3.

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May be use of words but be sure to use the correct process to set up in TTS(CE) - TTN V3 - ‘claiming’ is used for TTIG’s - others use the standard GW registration process using Add Gateway tab (blue top right) from your V3 Gateway console page…

Have you read the TTS documentation for adding (Multitech) GW’s? e.g. Key point is you not only need to set up via the console in TTS(CE) in the cluster where you are located/associating with - based on your location - but you will also need to log into the GW directly and change target NS server settings etc. there…

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Doesn’t ‘claiming’ come into play for other GWs (non-TTIG) if it that GW is already registered by someone else?
So perhaps @gerhardtsiebert is trying to add to V3 as a different user from the user who previously added it to V2 … ?

Only if there was a way to set a gateway to be claimed - which there isn’t via TTN. The TTIG claim data comes from an external third-party database.

If you want to transfer a gateway on v3, add the other person as a collaborator with full permissions for the gateway, they can then remove you.

Or just delete it from your account. They can then register it.

Very irrelevant I’m afraid - there is no connection between the databases - if you have the gateway details, you can register it on v3 on your own account - there is no lookup in to the v2 database to say that you aren’t the v2 owner.

The docs are there and there are huge number of posts on moving common gateways & claiming TTIGs on the forum.

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Way to go with a thread hijack - totally irrelevant to the proceeding information.

Where is this code from?

GW’s are essentially (mostly) dumb media converters taking in LoRa based RF modulated signals, checking validity and passing on to the associated LNS any valid messages mainly over IP data comms. Similarly, they dont create downlinks, rather they ingest downlink messages from the LNS delived over the same IP links and modulate and Tx as RF. Its the LNS that creates the message payload for a downlink, GW’s are just delivery vehicles (simple version!). BTW what you have posted looks more like an uplink format… and as I see Nick just mentioned a strange thread hijack given context. Will reopen your other post/thread instead.

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