Multitech gateway downlink format

Hi, Iam looking on the downlink communication of gateway but the packet format i have is not right one .do i get the packet format for downlink communication. I attaching the text here

        pkt.invert_pol = invert_pol;
        pkt.preamble = preamble;
        pkt.no_header = no_header;
        pkt.payload[0] = 0x60; /* Confirmed Data Up */
        pkt.payload[1] = 0x26;
        pkt.payload[2] = 0x0D;
        pkt.payload[3] = 0xA0;
        pkt.payload[4] = 0xFE;
        pkt.payload[5] = 0x00; /* FCTrl */
        pkt.payload[6] = 0; /* FCnt */
        pkt.payload[7] = 0; /* FCnt */
        pkt.payload[8] = 0x02; /* FPort */
        for (i = 9; i < 255; i++) {
            pkt.payload[i] = i;

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