Multitech Gateway

if i register a gateway for instance in Houston and then i moved to Dallas can i register the same gateway in dallas,and if so how can i do that?

Good question, I was wondering the same this week.:sunglasses:

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You can register a gateway wherever you want. Once it is moved to a new location you just need to update the location in the gateway settings in the console. And on the gateway if you (manually) added the coordinates to the configuration file on the gateway.

You can not change the gateway name. If that needs changing the easiest way to do it is to register a new gateway with the new name, (re)configure the gateway (if you used just run it another time) and lastly delete the ‘old’ gateway from the console.

Only time moving gateways becomes a problem is when you move from a location that uses 915MHz to one that requires 868MHz v.v., at that point you need new hardware.