Murata type 1SJ modules

Has anyone been able to get any data sheets on the new Murata Type 1SJ modules ? I have the ludicrous situation where I actually have bought some modules from Digikey but can’t find any proper data sheets. The only thing that seems to be available is the flier.

I use the old type ABZ modules on a lot of devices but I am really keen to move to the new Semtech 1262.

I have tried asking Murata direct but just get the runaround.


Manufacturer part number for this is LBAA0QB1SJ-something, 1SJ seems to be kind of shorthand like ABZ was in the SX1276 version.

I do really like the idea of the familiar STM32L072 + SX1262, may have to get a few and whip up a breakout board.

I’m not immediately seeing documentation of the internal connections between radio and MCU but that should be relatively straightforward to reverse engineer: with the PB12-PB15 which the ABZ used for internal SPI missing from the 1SJ package pinout, I very strongly suspect they used those again to talk to the radio.

That does leave the question of RF switch and TCXO control, probably the remaining DIO is connected somewhere so if not wanting to use polling for event completion it would probably take some code to search for it on the MCU.

Not yet seeing the EVK in stock or that would be interesting, too.

One thing that jumps out in the data sheet is that the power consumption does not look good: 15 - 20 mA while receiving, when the SX1262 should be 5-10 mA. There’s a note that says its with test firmware and the MCU is not asleep, but to get those numbers I have to wonder if they’re using the HSI/HSE (maybe they support USB?) and not the MSI clock that would probably make sense for such usage.

I also like how when they shrunk the footprint size vs. the ABZ, they did it by making the contacts smaller at 0.4 mm wide and keeping the spacing between the same or even larger yielding a more balanced 0.4mm land to 0.3 or 0.35 gap (varies by axis); the ABZ’s very imbalanced 0.5mm lands and 0.3 mm gaps tended to cause issues with manual protototyping.

Thanks for that, it has some good info but as you say there are still a few missing things, like the SX1262 connections etc.

I do have an evaluation kit on order which is due from DigiKey next month so hopefully that will answer the remaining questions.

Anyway, at least now I can get a test board under way.

The RX current will include an awake MCU and the SX1262 I guess.


I am just putting my first Type 1SJ dev boards together this week…

Nice. Did you manage to get a Dev Kit and all the associated info on internal connections ?

Got the dev kit, haven’t had a chance to make use of it yet. But the Grasshopper 2.0 design is not dependent on this.