My GW does not show up in any TTN maps

Hi, my GW in TTNv3 is invisible in any TTN maps.

I initially setup my RAK2245 on TTNv2 where my gateway showed up in right away.


Upon moving onto TTNv3 after deleting v2 record, it disappears though it seems to understand where my GW is at least in TTNv3 console. Neither TTN map nor TTN Mapper show my GW at the moment.


global_conf.json is my least worries as it remains the same for both v2 and v3 (except “server_address” side.

    "gateway_conf": {
            "gateway_ID": "0000000000000000",
            /* change with default server address/ports, or overwrite in local_conf.json */
            "server_address": "",
            "serv_port_up": 1700,
            "serv_port_down": 1700,
            /* adjust the following parameters for your network */
            "keepalive_interval": 10,
            "stat_interval": 30,
            "push_timeout_ms": 100,
            /* forward only valid packets */
            "forward_crc_valid": true,
            "forward_crc_error": false,
            "forward_crc_disabled": false,
            /* gps enable */
            "gps_tty_path": "/dev/ttyAMA0",
            "fake_gps": false,
            "ref_latitude": 10,
            "ref_longitude": 20,
            "ref_altitude": -1,
            "autoquit_threshold": 20,
            "beacon_period": 0, /* disable class B beacon */
            "beacon_freq_hz": 923100000, 
            "beacon_freq_nb": 1, 
            "beacon_freq_step": 0, 
            "beacon_datarate": 9, 
            "beacon_bw_hz": 125000, 
            "beacon_power": 27

Would there be anything I can test further or just sit & wait?

I’ve already ticked on “Publish location” in TTNv3 console.

Thanks for deploying a GW, I hope it works well for you.

Showing on the map needs device (mapping) traffic in order to show at all, and then you should get a nice blue 3 and (in my experience) not a lot else yet.

In general is very much a Work In Progress - note the lack of ticks on TTNv3 (TTS CE) Gateway Status, Radar plots etc.

It’s coming…and feel free to help/support where you can, but it’s also been hampered by the metadata that doesn’t yet flow through packetbroker (as I understand it).

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