My new Gateway does not pass data to the Application

Hi Experts,
I have a Raspberry gateway working with a node and a application. All good.
Now I tried to build a new gateway using an ESP32 with a RFM95W using the Single Channel LoRaWAN Gateway (GitHub - things4u/ESP-1ch-Gateway: Version 6 of the single channel gateway) build.
I managed to configure all correctly and to load the software in the ESP32. The software runs smoothly and on the HTTP server of the gateway I see the node (that was tested and working with the Raspberry gateway) sending data and decoding it correctly.
On TTN I added the gateway and all looks great. The gateway is connected and receiving messages from the node.
However, the Application is not receiving the data :frowning: Looks like TTN internally does not pass the payload to the application. Any thoughts?

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Unfortunately, devices of that type are not supported as Gateways on TTN.

A reasonably priced supported Gateway is The Things Network Indoor Gateway.


Thank you @LoRaTracker . So I believe this is the reason why it would not work. For me was really a matter of DIY but I understand the reasons.

@LoRaTracker but myabe you know, can i use single channel with thing stack deployed localy?

If you really really know LoRaWAN really really well, probably. But we don’t talk about SCPF or Bruno on this forum.

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