My uplink message does not match documentation

I performed a test transmission from an Arduino MKR WAN 1300 LoRaWAN PCB earlier today whilst within range of a TTN gateway. The LED indicators on the PCB seemed to indicate that this was successful. Upon arriving home and logging into the console I find that I have a “Successfully processed data message” entry in the “Live data” tab for my device. The JSON for this looks as follows:

  "name": "",
  "time": "2022-08-14T17:28:34.901827724Z",
  "identifiers": [
      "device_ids": {
        "device_id": "mkr-wan-1300-1",
        "application_ids": {
          "application_id": "device-test-app1"
  "context": {
    "tenant-id": "CgN0dG4="
  "visibility": {
    "rights": [
  "unique_id": "01GAEPCYANCM13WV1CE04HNHZ9"

The format of an uplink message in the documentation is rather different - see page Data Formats | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN (
My biggest concern with respect to these differences is the fact that my JSON has no payload (or indeed much else of interest).
If anyone who is familiar with TTN has any ideas as to where I’m going wrong, I’d be grateful for any suggestions.

Data formats are for messages outside the console. You’ve picked one from the console. The next one just above it would have given you the “” which is the application server showing you the decoded payload rather than the network server showing you what arrived that it had matched with the device.

Try searching the documentation for “” and start getting used to looking around - there’s lots and lots of detail on the console, it’s worth getting familiar with the territory so when you need the details you can zoom in on the right area.

PS, for not much more than a MKR WAN you can get a The Things Indoor Gateway so you can debug your projects without having to go on an outing. Much much more efficient.

You need to open the console before the transmission and keep it open to see the full data stream including the message with data. Historic data is not available in the console.

Ah, that’s a shame, but very worthwhile knowing, thanks Jac.

OK, thanks Nick.

A shame? Before you leave you open the browser on the console page, make sure your computer doesn’t sleep, go out, do your thing, come back, admire results.

Or use an integration to forward the data to somewhere else.

If you have the filters on (the default), you’ll only see the uplink info you are looking for.

Opening browser before heading out works though can be a pain if having to change PC operation (sleep etc.). Typically when out in the field testing I take an iPad*, tether to phone and watch the data in the console live…simples! (assuming there is mobile data connection where testing ofcourse! :wink: ) Works well if doing basic wide area coverage checks or multi-site/key site tests for a client - put them in the passenger seat of car watching console live and drive to each of their key sites, often whilst out they will ask ‘ooh can we get coverage at xxxx…’ a short drive usually satisfies :slight_smile:

*In emergency will use phone directly or may have android tablet or small laptop with me, when spending extended period at a test site I generally have full laptop with me anyway in case I need to do more than just monitor TTN Console :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m planning to repeat my test later today and bring a tablet with me this time so I can watch the console in real time. I’d have done so last time if I’d realised.