Need help about DevEUI

Hello, i am using LoRa model HPD13A , Can you tell me how can i find its DevEUI so i can register my device on ttn network. It (DevEUI) may be random 8 Byte value ?

’ We believe they are exact copies of the RFM95W although HopeRF’s SX1276 chip has their own marking of “RF96” with the “H logo” while HPDTEK uses the off-the-shelf SX1276 like NiceRF. ’


When you add this node to your application in the console you can click ‘generate’

To explain a bit more, DevEUI is part of LoRaWAN, not plain LoRa.

The HPD13A appears to just be a LoRa modem chip - it cannot itself do LoRaWAN, so it would neither have nor be able to directly make use of a DevEUI.

To use LoRaWAN, you have to connect the LoRa modem module to an embedded computer, often something like an ARM variation of an Arduino type board.

Then you run software which knows how to speak LoRaWAN (perhaps something like or another version of LMiC) on that system and you configure that software with a generated DevEUI.

thank you sir. i ll try it .

Thank you sir,
I am using LoRaWAN (ic880a+ raspberry pi 3B+) and HPD13a as a node (transceiver).
so i need to register HPD13a as a device on the TTN. please tell can i use any random EUI number or HPD13a has its own DEVEUI no.?

The HPD13a LoRa module (similar to SX127x and RFM9x modules) does not have its own Device EUI built-in. You should not use any random Device EUI, but let the device registration process create one automatically:

In the TTN Console:

  1. Add an application.
  2. Register a device for your node.
  3. Click the crossing arrows symbol below Device EUI, a DEVICE EUI will then be automatically created.
  4. Click ‘Register’ to register the device, the required LoRaWAN keys and id’s will then automatically be generated.

Thank you for the suggestion.