NetId and prefix - overview


Is there an (up-2-date) overview of LoRaWAN netId and prefixes. On TTN I found an overview but afaik this is not up-2-date (

The reason why I asked is that on one of our community TTN GWs we see a lot of traffic with devAddr C4 xx xx xx and I was looking for information to find out to whom these belong (the C4 range).

Thanks in advance

You could check the Lora Alliance website as they assign the net ids.

(The ā€œLoRa Alliance NetID Allocationā€ document you need is linked from LoRaWANĀ® Coverage - LoRa AllianceĀ®)

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Hi Jac,

Before this post here I did check on the LoRa alliance site. Was not able to find an overview of the assigned netIDs and prefixes (I checked as non member). Probably the information I am looking for is behind walls. But I hoped that somebody here has the overview :wink:

Have you checked my edit? The link to the right page where anyone can download the information is in my previous message. Search for Allocation on that page.

BTW. Took me al of 5 minutes to find it so it wasnā€™t that well hiddenā€¦

Thanks a lot for the link
Hmmm I thought my check on the site was ok ā€¦ :roll_eyes:probably not :sleeping:

However still does not answer the question to whom the C4 devAddr belong


If its not in the list as maintained by the registrar it might be an ā€˜illegalā€™ range someone is usingā€¦

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Yep that would also be my best guess. Thnx

On a gateway I manage (Gouda, Netherlands), I see traffic using these device addresses too.
Over the past day, the percentage of packets that I see from this net id is about 5% (in air time) and 12% (in number of packets) relative to total packets received.