Netvox power consumption sensor cannot join TTS network

Hi All,

Still pretty new to IoT so still struggling in a few areas. I have only added a few temperature sensors to my network and have been lucky in that they have all had excellent interfaces that allows me to use NFC or USB connection with dedicated software that will tell me all I need to know about a device to connection it to TTN.

I have now been asked to look at power consumption monitors and as such have purchased a netvox R809A(Product ( which is listed in the LoRaWAN Device Repository. I was provided with DevEUI, but no AppEUI or AppKey and so filled with zeros and generated these respectively. However when I then register this, I have not received any uplink data, even though when I look at the live data of the gateway I can see that the sensor is trying to join the network.


Does anyone have any idea why this may be the case and what I am doing wrong?

Closing as a duplicate of the deleted thread - please stick to your original post.