Network problem (us.west)?

For the past 5 days, I’ve had a problem seeing my sensor nodes.
I can see the node on the gateway traffic page, but the traffic is not seen by the application/device page. I hope that someone can help figure out this issue.
this is what I’m seeing on the gateway page

22:23:37903.9lora4/5SF7BW12561.70dev addr:26001616payload size:24 bytes


Dev Address


Network: The Things Network

Net ID: 0x13

Region: World

Physical Payload


Event Data


-4-20246810121416bridge br-us-west1

router ttn-router-us-westms

start 1/12/2019 22:23:37.58880

  • 0msbridge br-us-west1 receive
    • backend:packet-forwarder
  • 0.23msbridge br-us-west1 forward
    • backend:ttn
  • 0.77msrouter ttn-router-us-west receive
    • gateway:eui-b827ebffff2381e5
  • 1.03msrouter ttn-router-us-west forward
    • brokers:7

If the node is using ABP: this packet has FCnt = 0. Did the node somehow reset? The packet is ignored if the frame counter is not higher than the last known value. See ABP node stopped working -> Fixed by creating new ABP.. Why? :) - #7 by arjanvanb

As for network problems, maybe the following helps?

Beware that someone in that topic writes that you might need to re-register devices to the application.