Network Server and App Server in the same SBC

Hi everyone! I’m newbie in TTN and LoRa.

I’d like to build an SBC (e.g. a Raspberry Pi) integrating a LoRa transceiver (SX1301 or SX1302) and the TTS network server and application server. All in the same device. Could this integration be possible?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, running Chirpstack on your Pi is feasible as a development environment.

Not sure how common it is to do that with TTS vs. chirpstack, though it doesn’t really seem like there should be hardware dependencies beyond whatever generic resource utilization is needed.

Keep in mind that overall, the idea of embedded LoRaWAN servers is typically unwise beyond a demo scale, as ordinarily you want the server running in the cloud (or traditional server infrastructure) where it can be reached by multiple gateways, and you want the session state (keys, frame counters, etc) preserved where it will survive failure or theft of a box in the field; a network scarcely notices the replacement of a gateway, but replacing the server is a big deal if you’ve lost the state.

A possible exception might small isolated deployments with no realtime Internet access - in fact case, if you want to risk relying on a pi it may be as sensible to use the ready-to-go chirpstack system image as to try to get TTS going, granted doing so would make the process off topic here - for the most part this site is about the public TTN network - private deployments of the TTS stack are apparently on topic as a small exception, but chirpstack is not.