New 3D printable TTIG stand

A friend of mine, Miron, has designed a new printable stand for TTIG. It’s great if you’re running the TTIG from USB-C, and he’s designed it for support-less printing and minimal material.

You download the design here and if you don’t have a printer, you can buy one from us here!


Hi Al, thanks for posting/highlighting…with 3 new TTIGs in hand and 2 more on order the 1st test print is already under way! :slight_smile:

Nice. We have another batch about to fall out of the printer!

Printed 5 stands and 5 fixed mounts and worked just fine :slight_smile:
1st 2 stands lifted from bed slightly (over used!) giving a bit of a curve - but still usable - and a quick smear of pritt-stick soon sorted that! Thanks again for posting Al - have also now flagged this in the main 3D Printing forum thread :wink:

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