New Application - missing generate Button for EUI

Hi all,
i am trying to migrate my v2 stuff to v3. Partially i like to create new Applications (to get clean) - and i stumbled across the missing generate EUI Button from v2 Console.
So this is a feature-request - please implement the generate Button once more - and another one

Maybe implement a copy Arduino LMIC template…

static const u1_t PROGMEM APPEUI[8]={ FILLMEIN };
void os_getArtEui (u1_t* buf) { memcpy_P(buf, APPEUI, 8);}

// This should also be in little endian format, see above.
static const u1_t PROGMEM DEVEUI[8]={ FILLMEIN };
void os_getDevEui (u1_t* buf) { memcpy_P(buf, DEVEUI, 8);}

// This key should be in big endian format (or, since it is not really a
// number but a block of memory, endianness does not really apply). In
// practice, a key taken from ttnctl can be copied as-is.
static const u1_t PROGMEM APPKEY[16] = { FILLMEIN };
void os_getDevKey (u1_t* buf) {  memcpy_P(buf, APPKEY, 16);}

Feature requests have to be made on GitHub - but this one is unlikely to be done - devices should have officially assigned EUI’s with them - maker devices can generate ones using tools you can find on the forum.

Why don’t YOU do it - we are a community forum after all?

ok; Thanks for the fast answer; I’ll check for the tools;

Not really…

See: How to generate DevEUI in V3 Console [known issue]

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