New communitymeeting - open for all german communities


it’s that time again, the next date for an open hybrid community meeting is set and the agenda is ready.
We will meet on 28.06.2022 at the

Digitalization Center in Zeitz, Klosterkirchhof 2, 06712 Zeitz.

Start of the regular community meeting and thus the agenda is 7:00 pm. I write this deliberately so since we will start already 1 hour before on site. In the first hour there will be a small introduction into the topics for the prospective and fellow members of the new TTN community Zeitz. Currently we plan this part exclusively in presence on site.

From 6:00 pm on in presence on site: Information about LoRa, LoRaWAN and of course TTN.

From 7:00 pm we will start parallel on site and via the following Jitsi session with the agenda.

Here is our agenda for the evening:

  • Status update of our host, what has happened in Zeitz since the initial presentation by Martina Kuhaupt, Digitalisierungszentrum Zeitz.
  • Book presentation "LoRaWAN nodes in the IoT" by Claus Kühnel
  • Activities of Deutsche Bahn in the context of LoRaWAN/ TTN at railroad stations by Oliver Brandmüller
  • Presentation of the platform OPTIMO | Collaboration Platform for jointly finding and implementing use cases using the example of "LoRaWAN" by Stephan Preuss

Afterwards, we are welcome to sit together on site and discuss one or the other topic. Other communities are cordially invited to join in within the framework of our agenda - last time the barbecue was still burning afterwards at TTN Rhein-Sieg. I think the combination of knowledge exchange and socializing afterwards worked well. So, just drop in!
The meeting is open for everyone, TTN-enthusiasts or even whole communities. So feel free to share the date or post it as an event on your own TTN campaign page.

It would be great if other communities participate - just let us know.

In order to plan the meeting in Zeitz better, we ask you to register on the following page.

The meeting will be in german.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me,

Initiator TTN Mitteldeutschland