New Gateway for Selangor Community

We have set up new gateway and it is now running 24/7. Should be accessible nearby Technology Park Malaysia. Feel free to use for FREE :-).


Very nice!

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You should probably inform the Malaysia community as well. Please be aware of frequency allowed in Malaysia @boon

We acknowledged that. We configured lower power, we will switch to 915 when the ttn router for 915 is available. Below is the channel and frequency arrangement of gw:

        /* Lora MAC channel, 125kHz, all SF, 868.1 MHz */
        /* Lora MAC channel, 125kHz, all SF, 868.3 MHz */
        /* Lora MAC channel, 125kHz, all SF, 868.5 MHz */
        /* Lora MAC channel, 125kHz, all SF, 867.1 MHz */
        /* Lora MAC channel, 125kHz, all SF, 867.3 MHz */
        /* Lora MAC channel, 125kHz, all SF, 867.5 MHz */
        /* Lora MAC channel, 125kHz, all SF, 867.7 MHz */
        /* Lora MAC channel, 125kHz, all SF, 867.9 MHz */

so make sure the nodes TX Freq is configured to have at least 3 of the above frequencies.
and RX2 frequency is: 869.525 MHz, DR0(SF12) as per ttn router config

We’ve reconfigured the gateway using 915MHz band and the NODES setting is:

LoRA Node Setting
Tx Channel :
Channel 0 : 919.8 MHz, DR0-DR3
Channel 1 : 920.0 MHz
Channel 2 : 920.2 MHz
Channel 3 : 920.4 MHz
Channel 4 : 920.6 MHz
Channel 5 : 920.8 MHz
Channel 6 : 921.0 MHz
Channel 7 : 921.2 MHz

RX1 channel setting (must be in the same sequence as Tx Channel above):
Channel 0 : 927.5 MHz
Channel 1 : 923.3 MHz
Channel 2 : 923.9 MHz
Channel 3 : 924.5 MHz
Channel 4 : 925.1 MHz
Channel 5 : 925.7 MHz
Channel 6 : 926.3 MHz
Channel 7 : 926.9 MHz

RX2 channel setting :
923.3 MHz, DR8

This is a subset of AU setting and “lightly” comply to MCMC band requirement. Please note that most of the downlink channel fall outside permitted band. But since for most application is just “ACK” for DL, it is just short burst and i guess that will be fine for now. However, if u want to stay within allocated band, you can chose to configure channel 1 & 2 only.

Nice one! May I know which gateway and sensor node are you using?

We are currently using RisingHF’s.

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Nice ,can connected when i go bukit jalil,test with my new hardware :heart_eyes:

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Sorry i need clarify can malaysia use 915mhz? ,900mhz use by GSM/telco as they have license the spectrum,if in future ttn still wanna go this band do we need to pay for license?,anyone alert about the NB-IOT its GSM IOT also use 700 - 900 band and i hear it also has license

Yes, we can use 900MHz band in Malaysia for LoRa. To be specific, we use 919-923 MHz band.

good to here that :muscle::muscle: :-). We are planing to have our own private router and connect to public broker when it become ready. This will comply to new release standard R1.0.2. Malaysia should fall into AS923 cat even tho malaysia is not listed :cry:. This should comply to MCMC requirement as far as freq is concern.

@jemie_kb AS923 is the band for regions where the frequecies, i.e. 923 - 923.5 MHz, are comprised in the ISM/unlicensed band. This is because the two default channels, i.e. 923.2 & 923.4 MHz, must be implemented in every AS923 MHz sensor node and the all the gateways should always be listening on the default channels.

Unfortunately, in Malaysia, we can only go up to 923 MHz (yes! just a few hundreds of kHz away). So, I guess this is the reason why LoRa Alliance doesn’t include Malaysia in this category.

@boon yep, it is at the edge. Will reach out to MCMC guy if the guard band is big enuf for us :wink:

I am learning all these and hope to setup a gateway in Subang Jaya. Is there a meetup where I can a quick debrief on equipment and cost required. Prefer to buy the gateway if it is cheap. Would like to test IOT on it.

start here

there you find a list of communities, look for a place near you and contact if neccessary.

don’t kick 2 year old topics… you must have seen the warning !

Good day,

Just would like to reconfirm what is the frequency that is being used in Malaysia for LoRaWAN? is 915MHz available for LoRa in Malaysia? As i browse through MCMC document seem like the frequency is start with 919MHz

imho Malaysia uses the frequency plan AS1. Starting at 922.0 MHZ to 923.4 MHz.

Jemie , can i watsapp me on LORAWAN setup pls . I am trying to add end device but stuck on MAC version for 923MHZ . Bought lorawan shield from Cytron (915MHZ- can be re programed for 923Mhz)

mobile 012-2089689

Location : Bukit jalil

923mhz to avoid saman