New gateway: The Things Indoor Gateway

The internal PCB antenna is connected via a U.FL antenna connector. So technically it should be possible to connect an external antenna to it. But better see how it performs with the built-in antenna.
(It was designed as an indoor gateway.)

This is a normal 8-channel gateway, running Semtech’s latest ‘gateway client’ (packet forwarder).

It does not run a Linux(-like) operating system and does not have have enough power to run other processes in addition (it has a limited amount of 50 kB RAM).

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No, you only need low latency SPI to read from the concentrator chip, for example the reference pico gateway design uses STM32F401CDU6 ARM Cortex M4

On Linux having a bit more horsepower was the simplest solution to achieve this low latency…

Then of course you need to add whatever complexity of your IP communications. So you won’t run a VPN on this gateway for example…

As already stated the MCU is an ESP8266

Yes, surprising! :grinning:
(But also surprising that they did not select the ESP32 instead which is more powerful, more flexible and costs only slightly more.)

Hi. You can find this once setup in CONF mode. Just scroll down in the page.
When you type it in the TTN Console, make sure you use no caps.


it does work. it took a while


I’ve got my GW hooked up nicely. Big thanks to all those who worked hard to make the new GW.

Just an ESP8266! I thought that was for just the Wi-Fi. The Pi must be overkill then?

Also, the gateway must have a LoRaWAN module as well. What is this? An SX1301 or the like is too expensive for the price.

pico-gw so sx1308 - reduce operating temp range etc. lower cost/selling price device.

Actually, it’ll be input in caps. I forgot to enable the “using packet forwarder” checkbox, as soon as I did that the GW showed connected status in the console.

This device runs the new Semtech packet forwarder which was completely written from scratch and is (much) more resource usage optimized. This device is gateway only. On a Pi you can run additional processes (e.g. a private network server) and on this gateway you cannot.

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Got the new gateway online now.

  • Did select “old packet forwarder”
  • Did insert “FFFE” in the middle of the DEVEUI printed on the gateway sticker

After this it was immediately online in the console.


After a good night of sleep I found this morning the Gemtec gatway connected and forwarding data.
It seems as if the outage of TTN yesterday evening at the time of my activation has troubled us. How unfortunate. :cold_sweat:
Now we can investigate further.


Is the gateway already for sale somewhere?

I read somewhere it will be availibale in the early days of february.
Or did someone hear a definitive sale date at the things conference?
He was announced last night on the website of the things industries.

How long are people seeing a delay between switching the device on, the LED going “stable” and data actually showing up in the console?

NVM, I had the EUI typed incorrectly…

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Q : if you connect the USB C power cable… can the unit still be in vertical position ? or must it be in horizontal position (hence change the antenna position)

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When somebody has the link to the product on the RS website, please share :slight_smile: