New gateway: The Things Indoor Gateway

Was looking through Conference paparazzi and came across the following photos about a gateway by Gemtek:


The following are the specs:

  • Supports TTN and SLA
  • Designed for indoor usage (prototyping)
  • Features a setup and reset button
  • USB-C port (for power only)
  • Supports 868 or 915 frequency bands
  • 8 channel, design v1.5 (with LBT)
  • Integrated antenna
  • ESP8266 SoC, allowing WiFi connectivity
  • Able to be plugged directly into a wall outlet

I’ve looked on the Gemtek website, but had couldn’t find anything about it. I have however found this media release by The Things Industries which has some information, including some about the more expensive $399 outdoor 4G industrial gateway:

It also states the approximate release date and where it’ll be available from:

Both the gateways are manufactured by Gemtek and stocked and distributed by RS Components. Starting in February 2019, versions for EU and US are made available while India, Japan, China and Australia will follow in the first half of 2019. There are 4 different versions available - EU868, US915, AS923 and CN470.

$69 is an outstandingly good price for the features of this gateway, but I see how it is possible.

For the main TTIG topic see: The Things Indoor Gateway - TTIG part 1


That is low cost is’tn it. Potentially opens up lots of other useful things.


It would be interesting to know potential limitations - too beatiful to be true :slight_smile:


I dont’t see any connector for an external antenna, so range might be limited?

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As you said, there is no connector, so don’t expect much distance from it. Only if there was the option, but let’s wait and see, the community might figure out a way of installing one. :wink:

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For this price, I will open it as soon as I have it on my desk and attach a connector :slight_smile:


Would be more than happy to help out. Only issue on my end is that I need the AU915 support, so by the time that becomes available, it’ll probably have already been done by yourself.

That being said however, I’d be happy to join in the discussion about it.

Looks very much like the old Tracknet Tabs GW - plan was to let Semtech ‘partner’s’ carry on adopting/developing - so now we know! :slight_smile: With internal Ant and, I think a 'plug in GW similar to some WiFi/Powerline externders with internal PSU, will be dependent on perf and any purturbation from associated internal motherboard/electronics…perhaps best to think of it as a low cost version of the Multitech MCAP but without the internal NS capability?! :wink:

Std build will have CE approval but as soon as you modify you loose that and if changing type of ant will need re-approval for CE/RED I suspect :wink: …but sure many will hack for own & experimental/test use :slight_smile:

There are nodes almost as expensive as this gateway… :slight_smile:

And those single channel gateways from the far east that cost the same price, are dead on the water.

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Of course, thinking at experimental use.
By the way, it is not clear how is implemented (there is a mention of ESP8266 - so no real OS?).

Thank god! Should never have been allowed to call them GW’s! Confuse nodes/drop packets and give misleading impression wrt available coverage when looking at maps etc- should not have been on a “LoRaWAN” Network/describe as ‘bridges’ only…IMHO! :wink:

Yes, I think the positioning for this gateway is very good for developers who don’t have a gateway in reach and don’t want to invest in a ‘full size’ gateway.

These single/dual channels gateways are causing much more problems than they solve…

Yep it’s the TABs mini
Never got my hands on any but it’s big brother is rock solid



Wish I was there… GW would have been a bonus…instead on train to n.west to fix errant outdoor GW & deploy another…in snowy, freezing weather. Oh joy! :wink: Still wifi on train means just able to stream the session/interviews…yeah!

Will ordering half dozen as soon as listed/available. Was looking on Farnell last night but see from pics this one Via RS…strange…

@Jeff-UK … just looking for a fun fact about deployments here … whats your total cost of a day trip to NW by train. Not an absolute ££ cost, but maybe as % relative to the cost of said errant GW. About 50%?

In the paparazzi thread there is a slide screenshot about this - cheap things and expensive management :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey JDP heard on another thread you had moved on…found u again yesterday. Will be I touch by PM… As for today doing 1 way trip as using opp to collect a new car. Approx £70 off peak on train, I guess double return with incidentals call it £150. If charging time, adding opportunity cost, overheads etc then likely 10x! :wink: :rofl:

As for % of cost of GW is that c/w $69. (I guess plus shipping & taxes) for new ttn dev GW, $$ for the guts (Laird + + +) of this errant but experimental GW (solar powered & off grid!) or $$$ for more industrial/production unit from…erm…say evrynet, or whom ever?! :slight_smile:

I guess the old saying is buy cheap, buy twice! I tend to use low/mid range units or self builds & hack my own outdoor systems vs expensive units…not as cheap if including my time it’s generally not, but better learning & understanding & Self support…so when deploying I assume budget is 2x cost of GW + supporting network gear & installation kit. I plan on 1x visit/yr for fix/clean/updates etc.

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