New IOT platform open sourced

I’ve just open sourced a new IOT platform that runs on a raspberrypi or other platforms (Written in Java), including the raspberrypi zero. It’s a very flexible declarative, rules-based event processing engine with a focus on security. It facilitates consuming many RTSP/HTTP video streams and generating video alerts based on output actions in response to input events. I use it in combination with a security PIR sensor I developed using a grasshopper.

I didn’t build in direct support for TTN but it’s trivial to interface using the rest interface. i.e. simply POST or GET to /hcf/net?event=EventName.

It contains build in support for the generation of watchdog timers and combination events. Watchdog timers generate an output action if none of a set of input events are triggered within a given time period. Combination events are events that are generated if a set of input events are all triggered within a given time period. Each output event can also be coupled to a rate if desired so that it will only fire if it was triggered to a given rate threshold.

The output actions can be state sensitive, i.e. they can require certain state to be present or not present in order to fire. The state can also be added or removed by output actions. This way it’s easy to construct mobile phone buttons that control it’s behavior for example. It supports schedules, which are events that fire at a given time for chosen days of the week. And it supports profiles, which are potentially complex time range specifications which can be used to influence the firing or not of output actions.

It supports the rfxtrx433 device on Linux platforms for both input and output.

It has a subscription based websocket interface to allow websocket clients to get call backs from events that match the subscription pattern. I use to this couple klikaanklikuit remote controls to loading video camera views for example.

It has a build in HTTPS certificate manager and you can generate and re-add CSR requests and responses. Or generate your own self signed certificates. Later I will put a HOWTO for adding letsencrypt certificates to the platform. It’s manual at the moment.

The project website is:

Currently the website is very short of documentation. I intend to add more of this of course.

Right now I have 2x gateways in Guttecoven and I intend to add more if I can find willing hosts. There are 4x sites in Guttecoven currently running the software. I would like to make sure that there are enough gateways that everyone that wants to use it can use SF7 transmissions so that the duty cycle can be short (Around 5s then I think). This is important for security purposes because you want to be able to know when people walk through the sensors.

Because of the lack of enough documentation, if you want to get started with the system just contact me if you have any questions.

Kim Hendrikse