New Lora GPS tracker node


Just completed this GPS tracker node project that I have built for my kids to track 'em walking to school and back. I use owntracks and mqtt for tracking and mapping… Additional features below:

-> CHECK IN TIME: every 2hours. Configurable every 5 minute reporting on nominated time of the day
->AUTONOMY: Up to 3~4 months for Lady-Bug tracker based on
700mAHr battery**
-> DURESS PENDANT: A panic button for the lady-bug tracker is provided for quick relay of location.

I have attached a photo of the gateway and the tracker node that I am using… Check it out on ebay australia if you interested… item number: 264282935564


product is available here

Maybe you are willing to explain a bit more on what you’ve add, your MQTT programming , how does this work with TTN , what you have to pay for the monthly subscription… things like that ?

tnx :sunglasses:

The code for the tracker will be included in the device and configured to work with the TTN network. You can modify the code when you have acquired the node…
If you want to use the Owntracks as your application, it will require a annual subscription. This is because I need to maintain all those cloud services/server application.
So from TTN --> server app -->mqtt–>Owntracks. these are all cloud based and I dont maintain a mqtt server myself.

Can a user set the keys to use it in his/her own application ? (and how)

Yes… the source code will available… you can modify the access keys and device ID to connect/configure to the individuals TTN account… Programming is available on a 10 pin header when you open the device… Basically, you only need a uart dongle with RX TX and DTR and GND to programmed the device. I used one of those CH304 usb to uart device to perform programming in arduino app. Choose arduino uno, compile and your good to go…



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