New TTN Mapper based on new RadioLib dissection


are you varying your sf between tx

TTN Mapper recommends SF7 is all the mapping data is consistent - and maximises the number of packets that can be transmitted.

@stevencellist, can you put the battery beside the electronics so it can be wider & thinner for side pockets on backpacks etc?

The link above was mapped using fixed SF9, I’m planning to add a configuration that allows cycling through a set of datarates. I find a fixed SF easier for comparing results… no need for additional tools :slight_smile:

Great suggestion! Quite sure I can, but a 21700 battery is at least 21mm thick + 1.5mm on top and bottom… although for smaller pockets an 18650 could be OK as well for a bit less capacity. Without the clip-on attachment, the current design is 33mm high; with a square-ish layout for an 18650 I should be able to get away with 21mm I expect.

so if us not the same as a adeunis, it is a tracker node transmitting at SF10 every 30sec the adeunis cycles through all the sf

The key phrase here is “inspired by”, so not sure what you are trying to say @Piet_Pillay. And even then, it’s on the workbench so likely to have elements of work in progress about it.

Keep up the good work @stevencellist, as we say in the UK “Illegitimi non carborundum

I must’ve miscalculated the DR to SF conversion, thought I’d set it to SF9 :slight_smile:
But in essence, a coverage tester isn’t much different to a tracker… and as mentioned and said in the docs, a single SF is preferred actually!
Although I plan to add a configuration option to loop through a set of SFs

Will add the mapping points to an experiment while building the next few days to prevent some more mistakes

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