New TTN Packet Forwarder available

(Cimm) #67

The last reply on this topic was 10 months ago. Did anything change recently? I am new to the TTN community and setting up a Raspberry Pi gateway and I don’t know if I am doing the right thing installing the TTN package forwarder.

I am using the blob as explained in

(Xpkr) #68

Hi, I’m also quite new to ttn and would like to know about the current state of development for the gateway<->router interface. I’m not happy with the UDP interface, although it works.

I try to get the gRPC api working from Python, but this is still work in progress. What are the current plans for the future? Is gRPC the way to go?

On I can see still some minor contributions which gives me hope.


(Loverdeg) #69

Yeah what is status on this?

(Accounts) #70

I’d like to hear an update also, I got gateways on sat connections not dealing with udp so good.