New user posting

Hi im new . How can post a problem?

Search the forum with the key words of your issue - it is likely that it has come up for someone else.

Then if that & Google haven’t given you any help, it’s preferable to find the closest matching topic to add your question to. If nothing matches, you start a new topic with a short summary description.

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Thanks for your answer. I tell you, I’ve been looking for information for 15 days and running tests on what is happening to me but I can’t find anything. But I also can’t find how to upload a new post in the forum, could you tell me where I’m going? From already thank you very much

First of all, hijacking an existing topic with unrelated questions is not the way to do it. It will only annoy people.

After you spend some time on the forum and contribute to existing discussions you will be able to start a new topic. The forum has been configured that way to stop spam and stop new users asking the same questions that have been answered without searching the existing answers.

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Without any detail, even a hint, no one will be able to help, so when you come to start a new topic, please give some detail. If you can’t find the New Topic button, the name of this forum software is called Discourse, so you could Google for instructions on that.

A post was split to a new topic: Lora32u4 II running on battery

I’m in the very same situation, I’d like to ask some design/base concepts about LoRa/LoRaWAN and ovbiously I cannot find anything about my specific questions in the forum.

So I’d say the most proper way to tackle my questions is by creating a new post. Unfortunately I’m still not able to do it.

Without knowing what you are searching for, it’s a bit hard to point you in the right direction …

Once you’ve read a bit more on the forum it will unlock new topics, but in the mean time, perhaps you could tell what you were looking for.

Addition: OP looking for mobile gateway solutions.

Attention new users

To encourage you to read around the topics that are on the forum and the documentation - see Learn link at the top of this page, particularly this: - and to help the volunteer moderators keep on top of the spam that pops up, you will not be able to start a new topic straight away.

There is a huge body of knowledge on here, so play around with the search & different keywords. Once you’ve read enough, you will most likely find a topic to post on, or be able to start a new one.