New working with Lora using 433Mhz of frequency

I have started working with Lora a few days ago with the Dragino Kit V2 433MHz.
I configured the Gateway and the conection with wifi, the present state is “connected”.

Programming an example from the manual of dragino i found a missing link with the “lmic library” using it in a frequency of 433MHz. Making some changes in the library in the first lines of the archive “config.h” i could only get as trafic the “join request” and “joing reply” but not the “join success”.


The changes i did on the library are:

#define CFG_eu868 1
#define LG02_LG01 1
#if defined(CFG_eu868) && defined(LG02_LG01)
#define LG02_UPFREQ 433200000
#define LG02_DNWFREQ 879525000
#define LG02_RXSF 5 // DR_SF7 For LG01/LG02 Tx
#define LG02_TXSF 7 // DR_SF12 For LG02/LG02 Rx

Im stucked trying to get data, please could someone help me?

This is the TTN forum.

TTN does not support 433 MHz.

You will have to pursue this with Dragino.

TTN does not support 433MHz so nodes and gateways on that frequency will not work. Mixing 433 (up frequency) and 868 (down frequency) will not work because your hardware will not support it. Filters in the gateway are tuned to either 433 or 868, not both.
And last point, LG02 from dragino is not a gateway, the hardware is unable to perform according to LoRaWAN standards.

I’ve found a solution :smiley:

Hello. Are you successful with the TTN 433mHz?
There is not a single gateway in my region and I want to deploy a small 433 network since I have a lot of good antennas and I love 433mHz

TTN does not support 433 MHz. If you want to build a 433 MHz network you’ll need to provide everything yourself. There are various LoRaWAN servers you can install on a cloud instance.

But that’s all off topic here as this is the TTN forum.

That’s equally true for both of the threads in which you posted this

Hello Skyden, Yes It works pretty well, but I had to make some changes, I’m not sure what they were but I recorded some videos about my experience working in that frequency.

I hope you’ll find them helpful.

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Thanks. You have confirmed my guesses.

Hi libiaromero, I have a noob question. To make it work, do I have to make some other changes except changes in “config.h”?

what was your solution please