New Year, new projects - 868MHz vs. 433MHz

Hi TTN fans,

I plan to measure (e.g. every hour) the temperature and humidity in my greenhouse, which is located approx. 1,5km from my house (located in Lower-Austria).

First idea was to establish a local LoRa connection based on 433Mhz infrastructure.

Then I read more and more about TTN and I’m very interesting in. But it works only on 868Mhz, if I’m not mistaken.

I have installed a home-automatic system “Homematic IP” (HM-IP) which also operates on this band:

868,0 – 868,5; 869,4 – 869,65; duty cycle <1%/y10% pro h

E.g. my HM-IP weather station is placed on the roof and in future also the LoRa antenna…

The next gateway seems to be too far away, so I plan to have my own gateway, preferable connected to TTN.

Now my question to the specialists: Are there any experiences about interferences/problems regarding radio-frequencies between such systems?

Thanks in advance,


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Hallo Peter,
I have the same situation. My Homematic- system works on 868MHz, the Homematic-Central is on the second floor. On the first floor is a gateway for 868MHz temperature-sensors (XS1) and wireless switches. The antenna of the gateway (EU868) is on the roof. All systems coexist without any problems.

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Hello Wolfgang,
thank you very much for the prompt reply.
Sounds good, so the next project phase (learn more about TTN and necessary hardware) can start!
LG aus NÖ

For a distance of 1.5km I would recommend an outdoor antenna for the gateway with free “sight” to the node. An antenna with 2 to 3 dBi gain is sufficient. The node should also have an appropriate antenna.
Install a gateway, install your nodes and have fun!

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