Newby - release Gateway EUI

I"m attempting to connect a MTCAP and seem to have blocked the EUI.
Is there a way to get it released?
Or how to edit the EUI on the MTCAP - it seems to be not possible to modify.


what do you mean by blocked? Also you have tagged this under V2 Console - V2 no longer a thing… was this GW previously registered in V2? Are you registering under default GW ID (note not GW EUI) or using one you created yourself? If in doubt simply delete from V3 console and re-register using same GW EUI but setting another GW-ID (of your choice and convenience subject to character limits - lower case etc.)

thanks Jeff. (tag changed)
I was trying to add to Eu (but also accidently used AU) and went through process to create API keys. As this wasn’t connected, I deleted the gateway. But on retrying to add the Gateway I’m getting a message Submit failed, Already exists
“code”: 6,
“message”: “error:pkg/identityserver/store:id_taken (ID already taken, choose a different one and try again)”,
“details”: [
@type”: “”,
“namespace”: “pkg/identityserver/store”,
“name”: “id_taken”,
“message_format”: “ID already taken, choose a different one and try again”,
“correlation_id”: “bd567dbb9e9c4432ab25dd69b6e27838”,
“cause”: {
“namespace”: “pkg/identityserver/bunstore”,
“name”: “already_exists”,
“message_format”: “already exists”,
“correlation_id”: “b9ab4babc8ef4e28b967b914c9a0761c”,
“code”: 6
“code”: 6

My console has no gateways registered.

Also, this is a multitech Gateway and connecting as a Basic Station. The EUI is not editable as far as I can tell.

I’m wondering about using the CLI, but this is probably too challenging for me and suspect I would have the same result. There is a command Purge, and would that be relevant here?

thanks for the comments.

If you read the error message you might notice it mentions the ID (not EUI) is already used. So simply register with another ID, not the same one you used previously (or one used by another user).

yeah, I understand that.
I may not be completely understanding the MTCAP setup…
But with the Basic Station setup it generates the Gateway ID from the EUI automatically, so I don’t think I can change the ID on the gateway.
There is a station config field for the gateway, but I’m v uncertatin what field would need to change here

“station_conf”: {
“TC_TIMEOUT”: “2s”,
“euiprefix”: “::0”,
“log_file”: “stderr”,
“log_level”: “INFO”,
“log_rotate”: 3,
“log_size”: 100000,
“routerid”: “”

The console ‘helpfully’ does that automatically irrespective of packet forwarder used - it is only a suggestion - hover on the (?) for details but you can change to what you wish - “johnmcdgw001”?! :wink: Remember always GW ID in the device firmware is generally the GW EUI if not also explicitly called out - this is used as GW EUI in console…Gateway ID on the GW Console is your choice of free-form text (withing character limits and lower case)

Update Mod Note changed the Tag from V2 Console (no longer exists) to The Things Stack v3…

You don’t need to. The ID in TTN has no relation at all to the ID on the MTCAP. The TTN ID is just a string of lowercase characters/numbers/dashes used by you to identify the gateway. The MTCAP ID translates to the TTN EUI.


Thnka Jac for the tip. It’s somewhat confusing that the Multitech console uses Gateway ID to refer to the EUI and can only be hex values. Whereas the TTN console is user defined.

Plus, I had made another rooky error.
In all my confusion - and frequent reboots - I had overlooked that the gateway was still connected to my PC via the LAN port and I hadn’t reconfigured the LAN to DHCP and connected to a router.

So, now to do some more setup…

Forum search will reveal to you that ALL gateways are like this.

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