No ack confirmation during ``lora_pkt_fwd``


PUSH_DATA acknowledged: 0.00%

PULL_DATA sent: 3 (0.00% acknowledged)

I don’t know why I can’t get any ack confirmation every time I run the code lora_pkt_fwd.

Check you are trying to connect to the right TTN server and port 1700 (outgoing) is not firewalled.




When I run the script, I don’t even see that port 1700 is occupied. Does this mean that the port is blocked by the firewall, or what’s wrong with the operation?

Port 1700 is the remote side, not your local system. Your packet forwarder connects to TTN on port 1700 udp.

FYI, double posting over on RAK forum alert.

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Sorry, sir. I got it.

You’re looking on your windows machine, not your gateway.

Also 1700 is the outbound port so you wouldn’t really see it in Linux netstat either.

Thanks a lot.