No DevEUI? Need a random key? This weeks Lotto numbers?

For all TTS CE users in need of an unofficially official EUI

Derived from DevEUI for non-hardware assigned values - #23 by terrillmoore

This fills the temporary hole left by the v2 console not being available to generate DevEUI’s when registering a new device that doesn’t come with an official EUI.

To avoid potential clashes with others, for missing App/JoinEUI’s, please use all zeros as recommended on the console.


I would like to request this weeks Lotto numbers to buy more gateways and nodes :sweat_smile:


For AppEUIs please use all zeros. There is no need to use a random value there.

We need to talk about your lack of imagination!

Speak to Doctor Who.

Your too late - I just bought the winning ticket! :wink: