No downlink messages coming through gateway

I’ve got a Things Gateway which, per the console, doesn’t seem to be receiving downlink messages.

It does send uplink messages from MKR1310 and MRK1300 nodes. I can see the uplink traffic in my application and in the gateway traffic page. I downlink messages queue up in the application, but they are not going through the gateway.

I’ve configured the gateway 2 different networks, and have experienced the same behavior in each.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what may be happening here?

I assume you mean you don’t see the downlinks in the Traffic page of your gateway? And is the device not receiving the downlink either?

If an uplink is received by multiple TTN gateways, then maybe TTN has selected another gateway for the downlink. Clicking an uplink in the application or device’s Data page will show you the metadata, which includes a list of the gateway(s) that received the device’s uplink.

What does that mean? Please post some screenshots of what you’re seeing.

Can you explain more about this too? LoRaWAN networks/providers? If yes: which networks? Simultaneously?

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@shfitz One (obvious?) reason could be your local router or firewall blocking inbound traffic on port 1700. It’s worth while to buy one of those dead cheap USB-stick spectrum analysers (around 10 dollars on Ali) so you can check if your gateway is actually transmitting the downlink signal or not.