No Join Accept on Firebeetle with RFM95 and LMIC

Hi again,
After good test with some heltec devices wit TTN, I am now trying to implement my app with the HopeRF rfm95 lora device, I am using arduino-LMIC the last version (4.something). Firebeetle as board.
With a tested application that worked, i have create a new device, and in my gateway, I am getting the JoinRequest with good RSSI (-4x) and SNR in my “Gateway live data”, but is being impossible to receive the Join Accect with a downlink in my device, even defining some clock error to open earlier and close later the rx window. I think that TTN shoud be sending the downlink message because I used to receive it whit my other devices Heltec.
I see that on TTN:
In the arduino serial i get:

Packet queued
253142: EV_TXSTART
646869: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE: no JoinAccept

Maybe someone have any clue, or have suffer the same problem reaching a solution?
Thanks in advance,


The problemwas my fault, wrong positioning of JoinEUI and DevEUI i put one in the place of the other when changing from one library to another that uses diferents ways to enter it and they where write in different order.

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Thanks for letting us know the solution!

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