No join-request after re-instating end device?


New to LoraWAN and TTN, so please bare with me. :blush:

I’ve added my LGT92-AA as an end device in TTN, got a join request (and accept, if I recall correctly). But furthermore no connectivity (Last seen info unavailable)

Switched to KPNLORA to see if it was a coverage issue, there the end device works and managed to communicatie through downlink commands. (Deleted the end-device and application within the KPN portal)

Back to TTN, deleted the previous end-device and added it again. For some reason, the join request isn’t received. ‘ Create end device’ is still the last live data entry.

What am I doing wrong?



What did you do to tell the device to abandon its session with the other network and join TTN?

If it is sending requests, could it be re-using join nonces it already used, which is illegal?

What gateway is available for it to use with TTN? Can you verify that works? See the raw traffic it picks up?

Thanks for you reaction, always assumed that the end device was ‘dumb’ and never stored any network credentials. Your question suggests otherwise?

But to answer you question, I only powered the device off and on (twice, once with 10 minutes in between)

Hope to receive my TTL to USB adapter today so I can do a factory reset (among others). Would that be enough?

i have bought a lgt92-aa. i can get “join request” and “forward join-accept” message from ttn, but i can’t get any data. i followed the user manuel of the product but don’t understand why i can’t get any data from the device. also i tried to downlink the device with several commands, but i don’t see any progress.
if somoine have any solutions that i can try out i will be thankfull.
also happy new year :slight_smile:


That usually means the device did not receive the join accept message. Is your device at least 5 meters (and preferably a wall in between as well) away from the gateway?
What are the RSSI and SNR reported in the join request message?

first, thank you for the reply.
the gateway is lot further away from the gateway. it’s 2 km away. normally, if i’am right a device is capable of detecting a gateway from 3 to 4 km away.
for the reports i can’t find them back at this moment, normally these reports are in the console.

The working distance between a gateway and a device depends on many factors. In an urban environment without line of sight between the two antenna’s (so walls/buildings in between) 500m is ussualy the upper limit (and when shielded windows/buildings are involved 100m), 3 to 4 km is not realistic. With unobstructed line of sight between the two antenna’s anything op to 15km is very well possible.

There are no numbers in the console due to an outage. Check again once the outage has been resolved.