No Join Response from TTN


Good to read that it works now.

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I set up a new Lorix Gateway today and have 3 devices that I am trying to use with it but I only see join requests from all of the devices… These are devices and I thought that they would register and then work with the app from their vendor but for some reason they are not being registered or anything. What am I missing here? I feel like it’s likely something dumb but I can’t seem to figure it out.


I’m not 100 % sure but I think they only work ‘out of the box’ with their gateways (called HUBS)

to use the TTN network you need to be able to program keys into these devices.
they have a support page

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Thanks so much for the help Borroz! It really helps to have someone active in a community like yourself. Sorry for the possibly dumb questions but I think I may have totally misunderstood what TTN and Lora was about. So we also were trying this with another type of device (also off the shelf) but I thought that since we have a Lorawan gateway set up and these devices communicate over the Lora network that that would be enough…

If I understand you correctly though, it seems like the Lora gateways communicate with some backend (like TTN) and to use something like TTN, we will need to have devices that we can set up with specific codes for our applications withing the TTN. In other words, for an off the shelf product to work, it needs to connect to not just any lora gateway but rather ones that are set up for a specific backend and for any other “off the shelf” products to be used by an application that we have built in TTN, we have to reprogram them to have the appropriate keys.

Lastly just to be sure, if I reprogram these devices to connect to my application in TTN, they will only be able to connect to a gateway that is also set up to communicate with the TTN and that other gateway or my own will be able to send the payloads etc to my application?


if you can set the (3) keys on these devices (see manual) then yes, all gateways on the TTN network can receive these devices and forward their data to your application.