No Join Response from TTN

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Hi, I have a node device in development which can obviously send join requests:

However, I do not get any response from the TTN. I also tried to trace it with tcpdump to
make sure that not the packet forwarder is “eating” the response but there is simply no response.
The firmware uses LMIC version 1.6 and I have set up the frequency plan as defined in the Wiki.
I wonder why the TTN does send a join response and not even shows an error in the console?

The device is connected in the EU via a ic880A based gateway that works otherwise.

This is a similar problem from a guy using another device:

BG, Thomas

Join Request problem
(Drust) #2

Hi Vanthome,

Have you checked the keys on your node?


Hi Vanthome,

if appeui, deveui and appkey are correct, you should see an “activation message” in your application console -> data, shortly after the join request in gateway traffic.

If you do not see anything in application console, you most probably configured appkeys in wrong format.

from the “activation message” you should then see which gateways received the join request. If you only see your gateway there, the corresponding “Join Accept” in gateway traffic should follow.
In case multiple gateways are in reach, you might miss the “Join Accept” in gateway log, as it might be sent via a different gateway.


you should see this yellow icon if your’e node is in range of a TTN gateway, the node is working and the keys are 100%

(Vanthome) #5

YES! that was indeed the issue, thx!