"no JoinAccept" with Lora32U4 V1.3 board and MCCI library for AU915 plan

Hi all!

I need your help in order to make a Lora32U4 V1.3 from BSFrance send information to TTN from Argentina, that uses AU915 band plan.
Lora32U4 lits red led always on, and terminal shows "EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE: no JoinAccept.
TTN end device status is “No recent activity”.
I have a RAK7249 gateway working beside me. I know It works because I can see messages from other nodes.

I am using Arduino IDE.
I had to use MCCI LoRa library becuase is mandatory for TTN V3 (according to my understanding I cannot use LMIC-Arduino any more).
However, if I set LMIC_DEBUG_LEVEL to 1, I run out of memory.
Seting LMIC_DEBUG_LEVEL to 0 sketch uses 92% only.

Hardware information:

  • Board: Lora32U4 V1.3 from BSFrance
  • jumpers: factory setting (DIO1:5 on, I did not change the jumper wiring)
  • Power: from USB
  • Antenna: connected

Software details:

  • Original sketch: https://gist.github.com/dwblair/f5e18f715e5d2702b9c00d439416a73c
  • MCCI library: https://github.com/mcci-catena/arduino-lmic
  • EUIs: I guess APPEUI, DEVEUI and APPKEY are OK (considering LSB and MSB issue).
  • bit mapping:
    const lmic_pinmap lmic_pins = {
    .nss = 8,
    .rxtx = LMIC_UNUSED_PIN,
    .rst = 4,
    .dio = {7, 5, LMIC_UNUSED_PIN}, /*USED TO BE .dio = {7, 6, LMIC_UNUSED_PIN}, */
    .rxtx_rx_active = 0,
    .rssi_cal = 8, // LBT cal for the Adafruit Feather 32U4 LoRa, in dB
    .spi_freq = 1000000,
  • lmic_project_config.h: #define CFG_au915 1
  • other settings:
    LMIC_selectSubBand(2); //IT USED TO BE 1
  • I commented #ifdef COMPILE_REGRESSION_TEST paragraph.

I get in the monitor:
Packet queued
950794: EV_JOINING
951375: EV_TXSTART
1353317: EV_JOIN_TXCOMPLETE: no JoinAccept

Any ideas to solve the issue?
Could it be something related to OTAA activation? (I didn´t do anything to make it happens).

Thank you very much in advance.

Did you actually create a registration for this node?

Hopefully you didn’t try to “borrow” the registration details in the old and somewhat dubious github gist you mentioned.

Why did you change this? 1 is already the second subband as they count from 0.

What are some example frequencies on which your gateway’s logs indicate it has received packets from other nodes?

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Hi cslorabox. Thank you for your feedback.

Did you actually create a registration for this node?

I created an Application in TTN, and an end device also. Including Activation information (EUIs).
Anyway, is there a way to see if TTN is receiving and rejecting the joining request for any reason? This could be helpful in order to know that LoRa radio of the end device is working.

Why did you change SubBand?

Good point, but I tried 1 but I still get “no JoinAccept”.
I also changed SF7 to SF10 (line LMIC_setDrTxpow(DR_SF10,14)) with the same results.

What are some example frequencies on which your gateway’s logs indicate it has received packets from other nodes?

Good idea.
“settings” … “frequency”: “917400000”, “917800000”, “917600000”, “917000000”, “918200000”
TTN LoRaWAN information Frequency plan is AU_915_928_FSB_2.

Thanks again.

Look on the gateway console - if nothing there, check the gateway logs (on the gateway).

Did you already relax LMIC timing with setClockError() ?

See Big LoRa32u4 boards topic for more information (see LMIC-node for an example).

Yes! It joined!

I added:

// ### Relax LMIC timing ###
// Required for ATmega328/ATmega32U4 (8MHz) otherwise downlink messages
// and OTAA joins on lower spreading factors will likely fail.

Thank you bluejedi.