No Live Data from End Devices

Hello everybody,

i am currently running the things stack in a docker container on a private network. I defined a network which is successfully connected. I also registered an end device in my application. The end device successfully sends data and the data is processed through the things stack.

The problem is, that the Console not showing any of the Data from the end device.
Everytime the device sends data, i get some errors in the console and the log from the docker container:

The live data section says:

Stream reconnected The stream connection has been re-established
Network error: The stream connection was lost due to a network error

The console of chrome says:


and the log of the container says:

Finished streaming call {“auth.token_id”: “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”, “auth.token_type”: “AccessToken”, “auth.user_id”: “admin”, “duration”: 416.0596, “error”: “error:pkg/errors:context_canceled (context canceled)”, “error_correlation_id”: “9a4a9583e7fb40a2a26814a916c37656”, “error_name”: “context_canceled”, “error_namespace”: “pkg/errors”, “grpc.method”: “Stream”, “grpc.service”: “ttn.lorawan.v3.Events”, “grpc_code”: “Canceled”, “namespace”: “grpc”, “peer.address”: “pipe”, “peer.real_ip”: “”, “request_id”: “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”}

Everything else works fine. If i make a POST call to get the event data stream, it is working and i get the data from the end devices without any errors.

Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance.