No more MQTT Messages from Subscription .../down/sent


for about two years I have successfully subscribed to MQTT on a Topic "v3/<APP-ID>@ttn/devices/<DEVID>/down/sent. The device is a Dragino LDDS75. Since yesterday I do not receive any messages for this subscription. Subscriptions for …/down/queued, …/up, on the other hand, are received successfully. The last received message is from yesterday, 11. April, 16:28 UTC.
At the console I can see messages “”. At my gateway the events “Data Unconfirmed Down” are shown. The downlink is successfully received by the device. Everything quite normal, except for the MQTT subscription.

I can’t see any relevant entries in the release notes (3.25.1). Any ideas?

for sending from your integration to the ldds75 i use topic v3/{application id}@{tenant id}/devices/{device id}/down/sent/push

for ldds75 to my integration i use topic ‘v3/+/devices/+/up’ the ‘+’ wild card make so you get all messages in application from any device.

Yes, I know all that. But that’s not what I want to do and have been doing for two years:

Subscribing to the topic "v3/<APP-ID>@ttn/devices/<DEVID>/down/sent" and receiving MQTT messages.

The subscription for the topic "v3/<APP-ID>@ttn/devices/<DEVID>/up" works and I use it for about 20 devices.