No response from RN module


I’m desperate.
I have successfully deployed the ttn gateway. Portal status is green.

The next step was to connect a node to the gateway. I’m using a Feather M0 here. It seems to be transmitting, but nothing is getting through to the portal.


What could be the problem?

Thanks a lot!

PS: I am a newcomer to the LORA topic

Minor correction, in WiFi a client connects to a gateway, in LoRaWan a client connects to the network. The gateway does not maintain the connection.

Regarding your problem, we are missing information. What sketch are you using?

Btw, please post text in stead of screenshots when the information you are posting is just text. Makes it easier to search and to quote in replies.

Thanks for your advice, Jac.

I use the sketch SendOTAA. After compiling I get the following output in the serial monitor

17:10:29.652 -> – STATUS
17:10:59.674 -> No response from RN module.
17:10:59.674 -> EUI:
17:11:29.685 -> No response from RN module.
17:11:29.685 -> Battery:
17:11:59.692 -> No response from RN module.
17:11:59.692 -> AppEUI:
17:12:29.701 -> No response from RN module.
17:12:29.701 -> DevEUI:
17:12:59.723 -> No response from RN module.
17:12:59.723 -> Data Rate:
17:13:29.753 -> No response from RN module.
17:13:29.753 -> RX Delay 1:
17:13:59.761 -> No response from RN module.
17:13:59.761 -> RX Delay 2:
17:13:59.761 -> – JOIN
17:14:50.902 -> No response from RN module.
17:15:42.043 -> No response from RN module.
17:15:42.043 -> Model: Version: No response from RN module.
17:16:12.050 -> Sending: mac set deveui
17:16:42.071 -> No response from RN module.
17:16:42.071 -> Sending: mac set adr off

Nothing seems to reach the gateway. Do I perhaps have to change something at the gateway?

Do you have any idea what’s causing it?


It’s unclear if these messages are an expected result of a rather naive/noisy sketch polling the radio and saying it received nothing when it would not yet be expected to, or if they indicate at least occasional synchronization errors in the question/answer exchange of the serial communication between the processor running your sketch and the LoRaWAN module. Figuring that out would be one step.

Nothing seems to reach the gateway. Do I perhaps have to change something at the gateway?

Right now its not exactly clear that your node is transmitting at all, and if it is, if it is doing so on the correct frequencies for your area.

You’ve also said nothing about what your gateway is, or its configuration. You could have a gateway for the wrong frequency band, you could have a gateway not correctly registered on TTN, or you could have one of the notorious rip-off boxes from Dragino (and others) such as the LG-01 or LG-02 that is actually not a LoRaWAN “gateway” at all, but rather another node radio doing a very poor job of impersonating just a fraction of the capability of a gateway - which statistically more often than not would not including the channel/datarate that the node is currently using to transmit.

Just mentioning the name of the sketch doesn’t help much, multiple example sketches are using that name.

Your message suggests you are using a sketch for a node with a Microchip RN2xxx module. I don’t think that matches your hardware. I think you need to find example software for your hardware.

Hi! Did you find out what was the problem? I’m in the same situation!!!

SendOTAA is not the sketch you are looking for.

The Feather M0 (from Adafruit) does not use a Microchip RN module - it has an RFM95W module that needs communicating with in a totally different way.

Alright, thanks! And do you know if there is a way to connect TheThingsNetwork with RFM9x module through SPI and not Serial communication? I was trying the SendOTAA sketch but then I realized that it was using Serial communication and not SPI

You could use Adafruit’s instructions …

That’s what I do, but I can’t find any TheThingsNetwork sketch which communicates with RFM9x through SPI, all of them use Serial…

You could use Adafruit’s instructions …